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Donate to new COVID ward conversion costs

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To help combat the hospital bed crisis in Kolkata HOPE Hospital is converting another ward to a new COVID patient ward, at a cost of €4,500. If you would like to make a donation towards those costs we would be enormously grateful.

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Hand Sanitiser – 5 Ltr


For every 100 COVID patients treated our medical staff at HOPE Hospital will need approximately 250 litres of hand sanitiser.

Your contribution will to be used to purchase: A 5 litre container of liquid hand sanitiser

Oxygen Cylinder


COVID infected and damaged lungs are less effective at allowing oxygen to pass from the environment to the bloodstream. The main reason for being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 is to receive supplemental oxygen, to increase the amount of oxygen in the lungs and blood.

Your contribution will to be used to purchase: An oxygen cylinder

PPE Kit for Hospital Staff


Personal Protective Equipment is vital in protecting medical and paramedical staff working on the frontline who are exposed to the virus on a regular basis. If healthcare workers become sick then the healthcare capacity is reduced, making it more difficult to flatten the curve.

The PPE kit contains: gown, face guard, mask, gloves, shoe cover, head cover.

Surgical Masks & Gloves (30 pack)


Our medical staff at HOPE hospital need to change their surgical masks and gloves regularly. We require 1,000 of each to treat 100 patients.

Your contribution will to be used to purchase: 30 surgical face masks and 30 pairs of disposable gloves.

Medicine for 1 Patient


Provide for the medical requirements of a patient in the COVID ward for the duration of their treatment. Any remaining funds will be pooled for other patients.