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Benign & Beautiful


Welcome to the second volume of ‘Benign and Beautiful’. Since the publication of the first volume in 2019, the world has changed in many unimaginable ways due to COVID-19. The suffering, distress and loss of life caused by the pandemic continues to dominate our daily news. India, unfortunately, is at the centre of the headlines at the time of writing, with high rates of infection and mortality.

It goes without saying that the suffering and loss caused by COVID-19 have traumatised our world. Maintaining hope in such scenarios is not easy and yet it is essential. Without hope, we are defeated.

The proverbs in this book have their origins in Jaipur, India. They have been chosen as little beacons of hope and resilience for the uncertain times we are living in. And, as reminders to the reader that a life of simplicity and sharing can bring about hope and unity in our local communities.

After a chance meeting with Mr. Garg in 2014, MusicAlive, created volume 1 of the Benign and Beautiful series. For this second volume of Benign and Beautiful, a number of proverbs were selected and accompanied with photographs (by Reddy O’Regan and Richard Winfield) and translations into Irish (by Deirdre Ní Luasaigh) and Hindi (Lauren Lewthwaite, TransPerfect Translations)

Re-Tyred: Discovering India


Re-Tyred is an evocation of India as the author, Sarah McMurry, has experienced it as a volunteer in rural areas and on the streets of Kolkata, with beautiful photographs throughout.

In Himachal Pradesh, in magnificent scenery of snow-clad peaks and forested hillsides, the children were as poor as those in Rajasthan, and equally keen to learn. In Kolkata exists the deep gulf between rich and poor, living side-by-side. The author recalls being impressed by the aspirations of street children she taught, but saddened by traumas suffered by children who had been rescued by the volunteer organisation.

Despite their poverty, the energy and resilience of the village and street people was inspiring. The book touches upon the more sinister aspects of life in poorer areas such as child marriage, violence and lack of opportunity, and in stark contrast describes the colourful and exuberant celebrations of middle-class neighbours in Kolkata, after the author spent four weeks living with a bourgeois Indian family in Jaipur.

Re-Tyred paints a vivid and enticing picture of India as a country teeming with life and enormous vitality, a place where happiness doesn’t depend on having everything you want or need, appealing to readers of travel writing and memoirs.


Be The Change Be The Difference


Mahatma Gandhi once famously asked, ‘How can I be the change that will make a difference in the world?’ – a question that forces us to look beyond the conventional measurements of success in order to evaluate our role in life and our relationship with others.

In this book, introduced by Maureen Forrest, founder of The Hope Foundation, forty-two contributors (including Maureen herself) tackle the question. The answers are as varied as the contributors themselves, each with their own unique experience to share. It is an inspiring book with a treasure-trove of wisdom that is bound to challenge and provoke the reader.

All the profits from this book will go to the Hope Foundation.

Daring to Dream


Daring to Dream is a book documenting the work of The Hope Foundation in India by Cork sociologist, Ethel Crowley. The book is a celebration of HOPE’s work among the underprivileged of Kolkata’s street and slum communities. It is the fruition of Ethel’s six weeks of research with HOPE in Kolkata in Nov/Dec 2009.
Cost: €10 + €7 P+P

Friends for HOPE

Friends for HOPE – The Album


In November 2018 Ruth Smith and Fergal Scahill traveled to India to spend four weeks volunteering with The Hope Foundation.  As part of their fundraising they recorded a charity album featuring a whole host of wonderful artists.

All money raised will go directly to HOPE’s 60+ projects that are currently up and running in Kolkata.



Music from:
Luka Bloom, Eileen Ivers, Seán Keane & Pat Coyne, Charlie McGettigan, Eleanor Shanley & John Feeley, Síomha, The Whileaways, Tommy Hayes & Matthew Noone / An Tara, The Evertides, Oisín Leech of The Lost Brothers with Fergal Scahill & Ruth Smith

Enjoy a short taste of the tracks below!


Handmade Greeting Cards


Pack of 2 beautiful handmade cards from HOPE’s projects in Kolkata. Blank inside for your own message.

These cards are made by HOPE’s income generation Unit, located in South Kolkata. Groups formed by local women design, develop and create these cards by hand. Working to generate an income for their families, many of the women use their savings to enroll their children to School.


Love At Last, India 2006 – 2016 (Cards)


Inspirational cards by Mella Murphy, Founder of Yoga For HOPE
Choose a HOPE card, pause, and wait to experience its energy within you. Make it “LOVE” …at last.

By Me Loving Me
I realise that I
Have suffered
Enough and now
Is my time to be

P&P €5.25

Simplicity by Mella Murphy (Book)


A little book of inspirational quotes by Mella Murphy, Founder of Yoga For HOPE.

Expecting material things
to fulfill spiritual needs
does not work

The longing for simplicity
is a spiritual longing

P&P – €2.10